Premier Canadian Furniture Retailer turns to DRC for Digitization of Human Resource Records


DRC has been engaged by Premier Canadian Furniture Retailer (PCFR), and one of the biggest worldwide brands, to deliver document scanning services as part of the corporations’ digital transformation strategy. DRC managed the entire transportation and chain-of-custody process from multiple locations across Canada to a centralized location for storage and processing. This approach provided the client with both centralized production and quality control processes as well as a single point of contact and communication.


In a collaborative process between head office and store locations across Canada, DRC worked closely with business team leads to devise a digitization and data capture approach compatible with global corporate standards. DRC leveraged ERP data from the client's HRIS (Human Resources Information System) system to automatically index and classify files. DRC also designed customized barcodes representing key corporate HR document types to build an information architecture that was consistent with global corporate standards and was easy to use for precise document search, and also provided enhanced levels of security over the paper based system.


Through an extensive consultative approach with the client, DRC was able to develop an information architecture compatible with PCRF’s interim SharePoint repository with the flexibility for the scanned images and data to integrated into the company’s enterprise document and records management solution in the future. In the interim, DRC provided access to all documents during work-in-process enabling seamless approach to large scale digitization.


Based on the success of the first project, further digitization projects are planned.

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DRC is a preferred provider of document imaging services to the Canadian Federal Government.

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