• The average document is copied 10 to 20 times
  • Employees spend 30% to 40% of their time looking for information locked in documents, e-mails and cabinets
  • More than 70% of today's businesses would fail within 3 weeks if they suffered a catastrophic loss of paper based records

DRC answers the call

DRC provides industry leading document conversion solutions enabling organizations to:

  • Digitize and destroy paper and microfilm based records
  • Integrate unstructured content with corporate systems
  • Improve access to information


Your Competitive Advantage

DRC helps organizations achieve strategic goals:

  • Improve customer service & operational efficiency
  • Enhance levels of compliance
  • Reduce Cost & Risk


Document Digitization & Digital Transformation Services

DRC provides:

  • Smooth turnkey file digitzation and digital transformation solutions for legacy records
  • Seamless intake and management of new documents to deliver an integrated view of all digital content
  • Secure content management on DRC's private cloud

Our Team

About Our Company

The "new normal" demands that knowledge workers and customer support staff have "remote" access to critical business back-up away from the traditional office environment (24X7)


Data Repro Com Ltd. specializes in helping organizations meet their service, efficiency & compliance goals enabling them to focus on their core business, by providing compliant Digitization & Digital Transformation solutions including:

  • Out-sourced Document Scanning & Hosted Document Management Services
  • Scanning, Storage & Active File Management Services
  • Data Capture Services
  • Microfilm-to-Digital Scanning & Migration Solutions
  • Industry leading Document Scanners and Software

Since inception in 1969, DRC has evolved into Canada's leading solutions provider for multi-format digital, microfilm and electronic document conversion and management.


DRC offers highly scaled document digitization services from legacy paper and microfilm records for fast on-line access to critical documents, reducing risk while saving time and money.


We help business in all sectors and all levels of government put focus back into their core business and services by removing reliance on traditional paper and microfilm records, integrating digital documents into today's modern business processes and systems.

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