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75 Horner Ave., Unit 12, Toronto, ON Canada M8Z 4X5

Company Profile

Since 1969 Data Repro Com Ltd (DRC) has been a leader in providing innovative and cost effective document conversion and management solutions for our many clients in Financial Services, Manufacturing, Utilities, Retail, Professional Associations, Transportation and Government.

The DRC Advantage


   Leaders in Digital Document Conversion & Management

      Data Repro Com has over 40 years of experience as a digital and micrographics conversion solutions provider.

We specialize in compliant back-file and day-forward document conversation plus hosted document management and access services.


  24/7 Access

   DRC offers simple and secure on-line 24 x 7 access to business critical records.

We offer secure conversion, storage and unification for all types of documents:

  • Paper and electronic records
  • Microfilm and microfiche images
  • Financial records
  • Customer records
  • Engineering drawings
  • Sound files
  • Technical manuals
  • Virtually any transactional or file folder content can be securely captured and stored. Our Toronto facility converts upwards of 200 million pages per year.


  All Around Support

   DRC supports every aspect of document management.

From straightforward data conversions to the implementation and subsequent operation of intricate image storage and retrieval solutions, DRC has the applicable experience to recommend a solution best fit for the given conditions.


  Secure Operations

    DRC is a Canadian company that serves client operations in Canada and the U.S.

All DRC document processing and management systems are located in Canada to preserve security and confidentiality and eliminate the risk of information confiscation by foreign jurisdictions. DRC holds the status of Protected B for Document Safeguarding issued by the Canadian Industrial Security Directorate (CISD) under Public Works Governement Service Canada (PWGSC).


Service Excellence and Agility

  • DRC provides highly responsive solution delivery measured in days not weeks.
  • DRC is agile and able to quickly respond to changing customer requirements and needs.