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DRC offers a full suite of document capature and management services levergaing our leading edge document capture services, secure chain-of-custody and transportation, document preparation, high performance scanning and indexing, quality assurance, system management and preservation services with our robust, highly flexible, content management software suite and secure infrastructure.


Eliminating your paper documents and managing all of your organization's records and content has never been easier or more economical...

Strategic Advantages of DRC’s Document Conversion

and Hosted Document Management Solution


No Ongoing Hardware/Software Upgrade Costs

No Maintenance and Support Costs

No Additional Internal IT Support Costs

Non Proprietary Formats

Increased Document Security

Simple Scalability

Very Short Deployment Time

No Up-Front Capital Investment

DRC-ifile lets you start out small and enables you to scale up to full enterprise-wide capability. DRC-ifile is a completely open, scalable and modular system that can accommodate very simple to very complex applications, and accommodates the most challenging corporate growth plans. From one to thousands of users...from hundreds to tens of millions of documents, DRC-ifile will meet your most aggressive growth plans.