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April 2, 2020
Major Canadian Retailer leverages Data Repro Com Ltd. Digital-Mailroom Service to process Vouchers for the Purchase of Products

In order to preserve critical back-up records for a major Canadian retailer, in support of point of sale Vouchers, DRC implemented its digital mail-room solution to eliminate further management and storage of paper records.

The retailer offers Vouchers to employees of outside organizations providing a discount on in-store purchases from its retail outlets across the country. Over 300,000 vouchers are generated annually by entitled customers.

Customers hand over a Voucher to the cashier to facilitate the product purchase processed through the POS system, generating an electronic transaction record. Vouchers are stapled to a copy of the cash register receipt bundled each day by each store and bagged for delivery to the retailer’s mailroom. Each day mail bags are picked up by DRC for return delivery to DRC’s production facility. Mail bags, containing envelopes for all stores are tracked and opened and sent for document preparation and digitization. A defined barcode transaction number located on the sales receipt is automatically captured during the scanning process to uniquely identify each Voucher “package” creating an individual multi-page PDF image.

Once the batch capture process is complete, the named Voucher file is processed against a database feed provided by the retailer enriching the data record with information including store number, providing enhanced searching and sorting capability during an on-line search request. The images and enriched data are programmatically ingested into DRC’s hosted document management solution providing secure on-line access to electronic image copies of the Voucher packages. DRC’s hosted solution also provides enhanced security by limiting access to Vouchers, by authorized users, on a store by store basis.

DRC’s compliant conversion process, complete with capture and archiving audit controls and quality assurance procedures, has enabled the retailer to authorize the destruction of original paper records, a service also provided by DRC. The retailer now relies on the digital image as the authentic and reliable copy of the document for legal purposes.