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June 1, 2014
DRC helps the Calgary Public Library preserve the past.

In June of 2013, downtown Calgary was heavily impacted when the Bow and Elbow rivers flooded causing significant damage. One of the buildings affected was the Calgary Public Library. Among their collections that were severely damaged was their collection of microfilmed newspapers. These newspapers represented a valuable link to the past and were essential as part of the preservation of historic records for the City. Many of the microfilms that sustained damage were created by DRC’s Preston Microfilming division. The Preston Microfilm service includes the vaulting of an original copy of the microfilmed newspapers that we produce for our clients. This vaulted copy provides invaluable insurance for just such an event. The Preston Division was able to recreate over 1000 rolls of microfilm that were damaged in the flooding illustrating the value that DRC can bring as part of a comprehensive disaster recovery program for our clients. DRC offers a complete range of disaster recovery services for all of our client’s valuable content including microfilm, paper and digital records in our secure storage and hosting center.

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