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Services / Document Scanning, Storage & Active File Management Services

DRC provides a seamless turnkey digital transformation solution for legacy records including file de-location, secure transport, scanning, storage plus digital on-line access to information. DRC also manages the intake of new documents in a seamless process, picking up new files and updates to existing files, delivering a complete and intergrated digital view of entire file contents. Client content is securely managed in DRC's private cloud as a defacto permanent solution, or in support of complex on-prem Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions.

Enterprise Document & Records Management

DRC helps customers transition from paper based filing systems to EDRMS (Enterprise Document & Records Management) solutions by cost effectively de-locating large paper file collections to DRC's secure records storage facility employing DRC's stringent chain-of-custody process, constantly updating file collections with new customer records in preparation for scanning and long term storage. Day-forward content is cataloged in a detailed records management system ensuring 100% integrity whether or not all documents are digitized. DRC facilitates the simplified transition of data, images and records into the client's EDRMS platform once ready for production.



Simplified Portal Access

DRC provides for file inventory management and reconciliation of paper and digital files, simplified portal access for day-to-day document requests and ingestion of new documents into physical and digital file systems. Now customers can understand the composition of there entire filing system, the pattern of their daily retrieval activity and who has accessed critical files.


Management and Audit Capabilities

Extensive management views of file activity and audit trails enable records and information managers to exercise unparalleled management oversight into conversion processes and transition into digital docoument and records management. Management and Audit capabilities are the backbone of a compliant conversion solution.