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Services / Back-file Document Scanning Services

i5650 Scanner information and accessories - Kodak Alaris

For organizations facing the daunting task of converting large file collections into new digital systems, DRC digitizes large collections of legacy paper and microfilm content to create an integrated store of information and a single point of access for both current and historical records.


Cost Effective Compliant Document Scanning Solutions

Compliant scanning services eliminate the reliance on paper records, accelerating business processes

DRC has the capability and scale to deliver high quality paper and microfilm-to-digital scanning services with the proven ability to digitize hundreds of thousands of paper documents and microfilm images per week. Stringent quality standards and control procedures compliant with industry standards form the core of DRC conversion processes. Detailed production tracking and audit trails ensure that customers receive authentic and reliable digital content eliminating reliance on paper records.

Repurposing Content for Modern Use

DRC repurposes legacy paper & microfilm content to high resolution searchable PDF digital images

DRC has the capability and scale to deliver high quality paper and microfilm-to-digital conversion services with the proven ability to digitize hundreds of thousands of paper and microfilm images per week. DRC "repurposes" customers' legacy content from business records to engineering drawings as well as microfilm content (16mm, 35mm, microfiche and aperture card) by delivering high resolution searchable pdf digital images along with powerful index metadata for import into DRC and customer owned document management systems.


Innovative Control and Management Software

Our own uniquely developed production and management software for critical documents

DRC has developed innovative and critical production control and management software, enabling customers to look directly into the status of their conversion projects, from receipting to key production stages to delivery via SFTP or high capacity hard drives, helping customers manage their critical projects.

Urgent Document Requests

An innovative and easy to use web-based document Portal interface

Need a document, from work-in-process? DRC has developed an innovative and easy to use web based "Urgent Document Request" portal interface. Whether your department requires paper reproduction, digital image files or a secure link into our document imaging application, DRC can deliver requested images back to clients in minutes supporting day-to-day business processes.