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A large Canadian Retail Company (CRC) has improved efficiency in its accounts payable department by outsourcing its document scanning and repository operations to DRC. CRC's goal is to be able to access and retrieve accounts payable invoices in seconds around the world along with transactional accounting data in a simple user interface without incurring the cost of expensive ERP and ECM desktop clients.


Seamless Transition to Out-sourced Invoice Capture

Invoices keyed the previous day are picked up each day and securely transported to DRC's Document and Data Conversion Center. DRC picks approximately 20,000 documents per week from CRC's Accounts Payable Department, using the company's own vehicles and drivers maintaining complete confidentiality. Upon arrival at our production facility, documents are logged, prepared, scanned, indexed and uploaded to the DRC-ifile system within hours, versus days under the previous system, for immediate retrieval over a secure internet connection for users throughout the country and internationally.




Seamless Access to Document Retrieval

Local dealers and stores require access to invoice copies and back-up to justify head office to dealer charges placing a heavy burden on head office AP support groups. Support staff require fast and comprehensive access to complete invoice histories including debit notes and credit invoices. DRC-ifile provides high speed multi-path access using the company's accounting search terms providing comprehensive document access in a one-step look-up process. Invoice copies are immediately sent via e-mail to store level management staff to justify payments and resolve disputes. More than 7 years of invoice history is stored on-line meeting minimum CRA requirements while supporting various compliance and tax recovery audits.




Seamless Self-service Access

Dealers work around the clock to manage their business, stock shelves with merchandise and serve customers. Invoice reconciliation work is not limited to standard head office business hours. DRC-ifile provides a robust secure web based platform for self-service access to key invoice back-up enabling dealers to process work on their schedule. DRC's DRC-ifile hosted document management service provides secure self-service access to critical business documents secured right down to the store, user and document level.