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Services / Remote Document Scanning with Hosted Document Management

DRC provides document scanning and management solutions for small and mid-sized businesses by providing turn-key in-house scanning solutions-as-a-service. DRC provides low-to-high end document scanners, software and training, for use on client premises. Securely transmit scanned images and indexing information to DRC for downstream processing, archiving and on-line access into DRC's hosted document management service.


Control your own Scanning at Source

Small and mid-sized companies who whose volumes don't justify the transportation expense or who prefer to capture documents throughout the day at source, now have the option to scan documents in their location leveraging a turnkey capture solution provided by DRC which turns scanning into essentially a one-button process. Since all capture and scanning technology is provided and managed by DRC, customers don't have to worry about hardware and support costs, technical, licensing or software support issues. All support is provided under a DRC managed service solution based upon your capture volumes.


Realize Benefits of a full-blown In-house Document Management Solution

DRC provides a secure hosted document management service enabling customers with the ability to upload scanned documents into a secure repository with all of the features of a robust document management system complete with flexible search as well as security and access controls. Leverage one of our customized applications for common business functions such as Customer Contracts and Accounts Payable invoices to create an organized and secure history of all your critical business records. DRC provides the right-sized scanner and software to capture your documents which sends images directly into your repository. After a short period of time, destroy your original records and retrieve key documents 24X7.

More Secure Document Scanning & Management for Small to Mid-sized Business

Document Management is now in reach for Small to Mid-sized Business

Small to mid-sized businesses face the same needs for secure storage of key business records to meet regulatory requirements. Focusing of day-to-day business puts document management systems at the bottom of the priority list when it comes to capital expenditure, implementation and support. DRC's scalable Remote Scanning & Document Management Service places secure document scanning and management within reach of small to mid-sized companies. A solution can be implemented within a couple of days, including the set-up of on-site scanning and training. DRC's rapid deployment and "0" capital cost model delivers pay-back at time "0"