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Industry Solutions / Professional Associations, Education & Transportation


Many other similar organizations share the same need to implement solutions to gain better control over their critical business content to meet stated service, efficiency and compliance requirements.


Benefits for the Education Sector

  • Institutions need compliant record management systems to manage student information, daily operations and intellectual property and governance records
  • Develop and sustain effective relationships with students, institutions and government that impact service and funding issues
  • DRC-ifile, document scanning and indexing solutions enable effective information integration and customer service


Benefits for Professional Associations

DRC services include:

  • Document scanning, Microfilm/microfiche scanning services and Digital to microfilm conversion services.
  • Integrate with membership enrolment systems and automate membership enrolment processes to improve customer service.
  • Generate high quality compliant images replacing paper records to support long term retention requirements.


Benefits For the Transportation Sector

  • Cash flow write-offs, customer service issues and the need to streamline business processes are topical issues in this industry
  • Turn proof of delivery documents into cash quickly, while resolving disputes and improving customer service
  • A major transportation and logistics firm implemented DRC's Proof-of-Delivery imaging and web access solution to quickly identify outstanding Proof's-of-Delivery to quickly resolve outstanding invoice payments and improve collections and cash.