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Application Solutions / Policies & Claims


How can insurance companies maintain market share and profitability despite rising costs in today’s life, health, personal and auto insurance market place?


Demands of the Current Insurance Market Place

  • Need to reduce administrative and combined expense ratios
  • Streamline back office processing of applications and claims
  • Deliver improved levels of service to the broker channel and customers
  • Manage and maintain large volumes of paper over the life of a customer relationships


Streamline Operations and Improve Customer Service

  • Converting paper based application and claims documents by scanning and indexing document backlog and legacy microfilm into digital format for use with in-house document management systems
  • Provide immediate and secure access (7X24) to corporate, clients and broker files using the DRC-ifile turnkey policy and claims solutions
  • Scanning policy files for fast access and long term preservation
  • Eliminate file handling costs and archive information over the life of a client relationship using DRC’s Digital Preservation solution


Strategic Advantages for Our Insurance Clients

  • Reduce administrative and combined expense ration by eliminating dependency on the serial nature of paper
  • Reduce customer response times while decreasing time to issue
  • Entrenching channel and customer loyalty through differentiated levels of customer service