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75 Horner Ave., Unit 12, Toronto, ON Canada M8Z 4X5

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Our facilities, people, technology and experience provides our customers with  the edge to succesfully execute their document management vision.

A successful relationship with your outsourcing partner in document conversion and management is built upon a common goal of success.



  • Our senior management team possesses over 120 years experience in document management, hardware, software, services and successful project execution, including CDIA+ credentials (Certified Document Imaging Architect).
  • Our tenured production staff exercises meticulous care in the handling of your critical business records to ensure quality, accuracy and compliance.
  • With a flat organization structure, DRC management is easy to access and accountable for project success.


DRC Employees

  • Security cleared to the level of Protected B by the Canadian Industrial Security Directorate (CISD) under Public Works Government Services Canada (PWGSC).
  • Industry veterans wih high levels of experience in imaging , hardware, software and conversion services.
  • Dedicated to delivering the best achieveable outcome on client document conversion and management initiatives.


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