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Industry Solutions / Manufacturing


Manufacturing needs to strive for continuous improvement in all facets of operations, including customer service, finance and supply chain management to remain competitive on a national and global basis.


Benefits for Manufacturing Businesses

  • Cut non-core expenses to maintain profits and deliver more competitive pricing
  • Unfettered access to key customer, corporate and supplier information over a complex and geographically dispersed network of offices, plants and suppliers
  • Timely and effective access to information to support decision making


Lower Administrative Costs and Improve Efficiency

  • Scan and digitize paper based invoices, contracts and purchases orders by scanning and indexing paper files into digital format for use with in-house document management and ERP systems
  • Experience immediate on-line access to invoices plus debit and credit documents using the DRC-ifile turnkey Accounts Payable, Account Receivable, Customer Service and self service solutions
  • Archive valuable product, financial, customer and supplier information using DRC Digital Preservation solution for long term storage of product and financial information in support of TQM and Compliance initiatives


Strategic Advantages for Our Commercial Service and Manufacturing Clients

  • Increased efficiency and lower operating costs through reduction in administrative expenses
  • Lower write-offs and increased cash flow through effective dispute resolution with customers and suppliers
  • Compliant storage and simplified access to key financial and corporate information and documents from one simple, easy to use system