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Services / Invoice Archiving & Automation Services

DRC provides Post-ERP invoice scanning and archiving services and Pre-ERP AP invoice capture automation services for invoices. DRC solutions reduce paper handling costs, improve access to information and effectively bridge the gap between ERP systems and critical back-up documentation. Start-off with Post-ERP invoice scanning and archiving as a logical step towards Pre-ERP invoice automation services.



Streamline AP Business Processes

Accounts Payable still provides an identifiable area of opportunity to streamline processes, reduce costs and add value. The table below illustrates the range of opportunities available to companies who evolve from manual paper based systems to those who have implemented automated vendor invoice processing solutions, in conjunction with e-invoicing strategies.


DRC's "Post-ERP” Invoice Scanning & Archiving Service

Approved invoices processed into the client’s ERP system are batched for pick-up on a daily or weekly basis for scanning and indexing by DRC. A data extract of transaction data from the ERP system, containing information such as Vendor Name, Invoice Number, Invoice Date and Amount, is forwarded to DRC, via e-mail or SFTP. Scanned invoices are merged with transaction information from the data extract and securely stored within the DRC repository enabling users to search for both recent and historical invoices using an easy to use browser interface offering multiple search paths.



DRC’s “Pre-ERP” Invoice Automation Service

DRC’s Pre-ERP invoice automation solution converts paper invoices sent to a designated PO Box for scanning and data capture prior to the approval process. DRC’s Pre-ERP invoice automation solution captures (scans) paper invoices along with transaction header information from invoices for routing, approval and integration with the client’s ERP system to initiate payment. DRC capture processes ensure that duplicate invoices are removed from the system and that valid vendors are recognized. Once invoices are captured during the up-front scanning process, extensive manual routing and excessive hand-offs and resulting processing delays are eliminated.

Benefits to Both Approaches Depending Upon the Vision and Objectives

Back End Document Capture & Archival
(Post-ERP Imaging)


  • Alleviates lost & misplaced invoices
  • Allows simultaneous access to historical & current invoice information
  • Simplifies discrepancy resolution, transaction research, audits & supplier requests
  • Provides secure electronic storage for invoices
  • Reduces file handling and storage costs and eliminates 3rd party off-site storage costs
  • Easy to implement and eliminates capital, implementation and support costs

Front-end Capture & Workflow
(Pre-ERP Imaging & Workflow)


  • Streamlines & accelerates approval processing by eliminating “touches” & physical routing
  • Aids in internal and legislated regulatory compliance requirements and efforts
  • Tightens overall control over approval processing reducing potential for fraud & abuse
  • Provides transaction-level visibility into entire invoice-to-receipt activities
  • Enhances prompt payment discount capture & vendor relationships
  • Provides management metrics (productivity & spend) and audit trails to meet corporate compliance requirements
  • Reduces the number of calls by vendors into AP and business centres regarding status of payment
  • Augments workflow automation and re-engineering efforts and eliminates capital, implementation and support costs