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Industry Solutions / Insurance


A large North American Insurance Company (NAIC) was looking for a reliable service bureau to prepare, scan and index over 15 million documents for ingestion into its new enterprise imaging system. NAIC chose Data Repro Com Ltd (DRC) based on the company’s previous experience with large scanning and indexing conversions, state of the art Kodak technology, competitive cost and capacity to complete the entire project within 6 months.


Our Successful Document Management for the Insurance Industry

On a daily basis DRC picked up over 50 boxes of documents from NAIC. DRC prepared, scanned and indexed and delivered over 120,000 documents per day over the 6 month time frame.

In order to insure security and effective control of file inventories, DRC provided a detailed audit trail for NAIC. DRC developed and implemented a unique bar code tracking system that enabled NAIC to know the whereabouts of any single file at any time during the conversion process. The entire project was completed just ahead of schedule and exactly on budget.

DRC continues to provide outsourced scanning services for NAIC during peak periods or when daily volumes exceed NAIC’s internal capacity.