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Industry Solutions / Financial Services


Financial Services companies and their customers generate large volumes of documents each day. These companies need to know that their document management solution will provide secure and relaible access to high quality digital records to better serve customers. Eliminate paper and reduce operational costs with a customized document conversion solution from DRC.


Many Benefits of a DRC Solution

  • Reduce time-to-market for solution, implemented in days not years, with pay-back at time "0".
  • Reduce technical risk associated with implementing and supporting complex in-house systems.
  • Strengthen customer service and improve employee productivity.
  • Reduce operating costs by minimizing investments in staff and capital.


Improve Customer Service

Problem: Our manual paper based process is slow and inefficient in enrolling clients into new services and in providing fast and efficient customer service.

Solution: Paper and signature based documents including client account applications, Registered Plan agreements, account opening documents, credit and loan applications etc. are easily integrated into your document management solution. Our high quality and compliant scanning and indexing services mean that you can turn paper into usable electronic image files that are indexed, secured, and easily accessible. We manage high volumes and provide quick turnaround times.


Problem: We don't currently have a document management system or our system won't be ready for another 24 months.

Solution: If you don't currently have digital systems in place or are looking to convert paper collections into digital format in anticipation of an enterprise solution, ask about DRC's "transitional" which provides a "bridge" between paper and soon to be implemented document management systems.


Reduce Costs

Create a secure repository for long term storage

Problem: Customer documents are stored in filing cabinets or expensive third party off-site forever and records are not easily accessible. We have trouble finding what we are looking for and we don't even know what we have.

Solution: DRC's Scanning, Storage and Active File Management solution immediately relieves the space constraints of organizations. DRC fully de-locates file collections, fully inventoried and transfers records to DRC's secure file management operation using best practice chain-of-custody processes. Need a file? Submit a file request vis DRC' Urgent Document Request portal for same day or next day delivery in paper or digital format. Adding to files? DRC picks-up and daily correspondence and in-files it into DRC's off-site storage environment fully inventoried for auditing and control purposes.


Solutions for Financial Insitutions

  • Scanning and digitization of customer application and transaction documents
  • Scanning and indexing of key corporate records including human resource files
  • Scan on-demand access to legacy microfilm credit card records via secure portal
  • Scan and confirm document completion and compliance for registered investment products


Financial Market Document Manage Success Stories

  • A major Canadian Bank relies on outsourced paper and microfilm document scanning & indexing to streamline the processing of 20,000 personal loan documents on a daily basis. 

  • Another Canadian Bank, specializing in registered residential and commercial mortgages, counts on DRC-ifile to provide on-line access to customers information with immediate payback and no capital outlay.