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Application Solutions / Engineering Drawing & Project Binders

Large scale engineering projects require secure storage and easy access to critical back-up records for repairs, upgrades and inspections. In order to deliver maximum value and reduce risk, engineering companies must securely store project and quality assurance records and easily access them to meet service, efficiency and compliance requirements.


Safely Store Critical Engineering Records for Life of Facility or Installation

Respond to service contract requirements with the knowledge to expedite repairs safely in the shortest period of time with information in a which engineers can easily access

Eliminate redundant filing infrastructures that serve departmental and personal needs leading to duplicate records and multiple versions increasing the risk of error

Eliminate the risk of information degradation and loss due to handling in the field and potential for disaster


DRC Delivers Superior Quality, Access & Efficiency

Digitize large format engineering drawings including blue-prints, white-prints, mylars and sepias into high quality greyscale and colur images producing high fidelity (near photographic quality) renditions of original drawings

Convert project and quality assurance records ensuring that stamps and signatures are clearly captured, enabling prject files to be searched using key words or defined index metadata

Automatically store electronically created engineering records directly into a secure document management solution using DRC’s DRC-ifile solution or an enterprise engineering ERP system

Enjoy immediate (7X24) access to invoices and related documents using the DRC proviuded turnkey conversion solution

Destroy massive volumes of paper based records leveraging DRC’s compliant scanning solutions which track client records from receipt into production through destruction


DRC Will Give You A Strategic Competitive Advantage

For organizations which rely on fast access to critical records to get the job done, DRC delivers a variety of services

  • Stringent chain-of-custody process
  • Secure and compliant conversion services
  • Seamless access to records during work-in-process
  • Rapid access to high quality engineering content in the field
  • Superior responsiveness and customer service
  • Elimination of redundancy, waste and error created by disparate multiple filing systems