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July 1, 2014
DRC Partners with Industry Leading ECM Provider to Provide Content and Protect the Public.

DRC has partnered with OpenText, the leading provider of ECM Enterprise Content Management solutions to deliver high quality scanned content containing critical engineering records into its industry leading Content Server content management platform for the standards monitoring agency affiliated with the Provincial Government of Ontario. DRC partnered with OpenText to convert images from historical aperture cards into high quality searchable PDF format for ingestion into and retrieval from OpenText’s Content Server. The legacy information contained a wide mix of document types, including engineering drawings and hand written notes, compounded with a large variation in image quality across the aperture card collection, and within each aperture card.

Critical information including measurements and line drawings required special attention along with signatures and stamps imbedded into the documents. These challenges eliminated the option of a “fire and forget” scanning solution. DRC applied specialized high resolution greyscale scanning and binarization processes along with image cropping, segmentation and image orientation within tightly controlled quality parameters to deliver the highest possible image output quality for long term archiving and on-line access for the “life of the facility” for the agency’s many clients. DRC also generated fully searchable PDF files enabling users to take advantage of Content Server’s full text search capability across the image archive providing a new level of research capability. During work-in-process, DRC provided users with on-line access to urgently requested images using DRC’s Urgent Document Request Portal which provided seamless on-line access to critical business records minimizing business disruption and maximizing service. DRC, in conjunction to OpenText, plan to continue conversion of field based engineering records, database records and images from dated imaging platforms for integration into Content Server as the corporate standard.

For more information contact DRC at 416-251-3721.