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November 30, -0001
DRC Installs Digital Capture System Delivering Perfect Images to major Federal Government Department Archive

DRC was chosen as the vendor to migrate a major Federal Government Department from its dated microfilm capture environment to a digital scanning solution delivering "perfect" images to their archive. DRC replaced 20 year old microfilm capture devices with state of the art scanning hardware and software from Kodak. DRC worked closely with department staff to understand pain points which were a regular part of daily life with their legacy microfilm system. DRC also provided advanced film writing technology from Eastman Park Micrographics generating output in human readable format for long term archiving. DRC managed the project and coordinated manufacturer resources to install and test and all hardware and software to speed deployment. DRC created both capture and output applications to streamline document scanning and film generation, eliminating multiple error recovery steps required in the existing process, ensuring perfect images compatible with the client's existing environment. The client is now positioned to leverage the new platform, implemented by DRC, to support advanced digital imaging applications, while retaining the flexibility to create a permanent archive record on microfilm for vaulting.

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