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Services / DRC-iMail - Out-sourced Digital Mail Room

Postal mail still accounts for the majority of incoming correspondence and is the starting place for work processing. The mailroom is also the first potential "bottle neck" in the business process. DRC's iMail solution digitally captures, stamps and tags physical mail and automtically routes documents to the start of electronic business processes or "in-baskets".

Improve Turnaround Times and Payback

DRC's automated mailroom solution, DRC-imail, provides instant delivery and routing of thousands of pieces of mail a day. Once received, scanned and idenified, mail is routed to systems or personnel in minutes. DRC-imail can deliver ROI at "Time 0" through reduced headcount by 75+% for mail handling, sorting and delivery, all while increasing process efficiency, employee productivity and compliance.

Process Flow and Benefits

Redcue paper handling, lower overall cycle time and improve content visibility and audit trail

The Process Flow:

Mail is received at DRC's digitization centre, via simple mail redirect procedure with Canada Post, where documents are extracted, scanned & tagged

E-mails and faxes are captured via integrated electronic capture server process

Transactions and correspondence are automatically classified and assigned a document type, destination & process

Automated Business Rules route documents, via controlled workflow, or via simple e-mail notification, with complete audit trail

Users login into secure DRC i-Mail electronic mail "queue(s)" or company e-mail to review all documents or simply classify documents based upon criteria such as name, document type & page counts

Finally, transactions are delivered into one or more back end systems for data upload, image archive and workflow.


The Benefits:

Streamline mail handling and reduce mail handling costs

Improve turnaround times by getting correspondence to key business process and personnel

Lighten the paper load by truncating paper in the digital mailroom


DRC's DRC-imail solution can be depolyed only for mail handling or in conjunction with our DRC-ifile hosted document management service.

Long-term Improvements and Efficiency

Truncate paper/mail at the "digital" mail room.

Integrate paper and electronic content into "linked" records for retrieval.

Cut down cycle times, hamstrung by conventional "sneaker-net" mail delivery.

Increase employee productivity and customer service through fast and accurate access to all back-up documents.

Easily apply records management practices to all content to improve compliance.

Integrate data and image easily into line of business and workflow applications.