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January 1, 2009
DRC Helps Provincial Energy Agency deliver improved Access to Information

DRC is leveraging its secure environment and high volume conversion infrastructure, and has built customized applications for transportation tracking, production management and urgent request processing, into a dedicated and highly functional conversion platform, specially designed for the Agency. DRC works closely with the Agency to schedule libraries to be converted in order to balance the day-to-day information access requirements of the Agency with the production capacity of DRC. As a result, DRC returns high quality full text searchable digital images, along with the original microfiche, within a specific timeframe every week. DRC has delivered in excess of 750,000 images within one week, during peak periods. Dealing with massive amounts of microfiche and images presents significant challenges. DRC has leveraged its extensive experience in dealing with large volume microfilm/microfiche conversions for other large Canadian government departments, professional associations and private sector organizations, and has significant experience in converting these same types of datasets. DRC has put processes into place to deal with the age, nature and variation of the original film images created over many years of image capture, processing and storage. Using sophisticated software and expert knowledge, gained from over 39 years of film generation and processing experience, DRC has delivered consistent image quality through the conversion effort. DRC has also provided the Agency with an unparalleled level of insight into the day-to-day production process, essential to meeting schedules published by the Agency. The entire conversion project, inclusive of customized solutions and transportation is delivered using DRC's DRC-ifile conversion service platform. 

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