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November 15, 2014
DRC Enters into Relationship with One of Canada’s largest Retailers to Archive Invoices

DRC has entered into a relationship with one of Canada’s largest multi-banner retailers to digitize, archive and provide secure on-line access to non-merchandise invoices in support of the company’s ERP systems and financial processes. DRC will take over all invoice scanning operations leveraging its high volume and compliant digital imaging infrastructure and processes, integrating data from multiple ERP financial systems into a single integrated invoice search and retrieval service. In some cases DRC will scan invoices for secure delivery to the client’s network for ingestion into its workflow driven ERP process. All other invoices will be digitized after processing into various ERP systems.

DRC will integrate multiple fields of ERP metadata into its image access database which will be applied to all scanned invoice images providing users with self-service access to invoices using common accounting search terms without the need to perform a preliminary look-up into the ERP system. DRC processes deliver 100% fool-proof document separation invoice identification. Any exceptions identified where documents and ERP data do not match will be posted on-line to Exception Queues for review and correction by authorized departmental personnel. The new service is expected to reduce processing delays, increase staff productivity and customer service while improving overall process quality. DRC’s scalable and rapid deployment architecture will enable the client to out-source all document capture and provide secure and highly functional on-line access within 30-45 days. The first implementation of DRC’s solution is targeted at internal users with plans to roll out self service access to stores.

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