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Services / Disaster Recovery Services

DRC provides customers with multiple levels of protection for vital content as well as back-up for document capture operations, document management applications as well as paper, microfilm and electronic content.


Quick to Act Restoration Plans

DRC provides for urgent response and file recovery services for paper and microfilm files damaged from flood conditions. DRC arranges for file inventory generation of damaged files, transportation and recovery services to mitigate the negative impacts of moisture on critical documents.

For content already in electronic format on customer networks and systems, DRC provides for document database back-up services to make electronic content available in the event of a disaster. Depending upon the service level required, DRC can create a DR plan which enables companies to resume scanning operations, restore vital content and access replicated copies of the customer content management applications from DRC's secure infrastructure.

Total Solutions for Disaster Recovery

Since the potential for disaster can act as an enabler for document conversion and document management services, DRC works closely with customers to provide a total solution including file recovery, document preparation, scanning, indexing and delivery of digital image content back to clients. DRC even provides document destruction services to eliminate document return costs and the risk of further content deterioration.