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Services / Digitization Services

DRC helps customers tackle the daily in-take of paper documents and records with day-forward scanning services. Paper based information is picked-up each day by DRC vehicle and driver using tight chain-of-custody processes and delivered to DRC's document conversion center and is processed daily into line of business, ERP and enterprise content management (ECM) systems.



More Secure Document Scanning & Management

Eliminate the bottlenecks, cost and risk associated with in-house scanning operations

Under specific service level agreements, DRC turns over scanned content and data to customer systems, and DRC's own hosted document management solution, within as little as 4 hours. DRC securely reassembles and preserves original files for temporary storage enabling clients to sample and approve scanned batches, paving the way for secure and certified destruction of original documents. Imaged documents are securely transferred in the company’s enterprise system for authorized access over the distributed network.


Eliminate Imaging Fatigue

Maintaining a compliant document scanning operation for the long term in the face of inevitable imaging "fatigue" is difficult. Transient staff, stagnant technology, inconsistent document preparation and scanning practices, insufficient audit data and lack of controls can diminish the value of digital imaging and negatively impact the integrity of an enterprise document management solution.



Increase Return-on-Investment in Information

DRC enables companies to focus on their core business and leverage the value of the investments in information and document management technology by supplying customers with high quality output (images, indexes and metadata) everyday for ingestion into the corporate system.


Need a Document, During Work-In-Process?

DRC has developed an innovative and easy to use web based "Urgent Document Request" interface. Once a user launches a request for document "in-process", DRC delivers orginal documents back to the client using tight chain-of-custody processes or delivers digitally scanned copies securely back to authorized users.