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Services / Digital-to-Microfilm Preservation Services

DRC delivers high quality archival image copies in human readable format for highly regulated sectors including the nuclear power industry and government, with long term record retention requirements. Customers with these requirements and concerns, have actively integrated Film Writing technology to produce long term archive media to the LE 500 standard, into their digitally document management environment.


Digital Preservation ChartDRC’s Reference Archive system accepts data and digital images from multiple host systems as digital document images. These images are rendered as unalterable, archival, human-readable images, preserving the content and structure of the original record. The resulting analog record may be re-digitized and served back to any system on-demand to provide immediate validation, permanent legal evidence and a foundation for deep disaster recovery. Archive Reference media provides superior long term archival assurance over any other medium including DVD.

Leverage spinning disk for day-to-day on-line retrieval requests and deposit authentic archive copies into the vault for safe keeping to reduce long term archiving costs and dependencies on proprietary file formats. A digital preservation strategy, compliant with Archive Reference Media, provides a comprehensive strategy that delivers high speed access performance from fast disk technology and preserves content in human readable format for the lowest possible cost.

Hi-Fidelity Archived Data

The rationale behind the integration of archive reference media into a client’s storage architecture is based on the fact that the content retains its human readable format and cannot be unknowingly altered. Archive Reference media is not subject to proprietary standards and corruption, is resistant to format changes due to media migration, does not require complex encryption or decryption systems and can be reproduced by any scanning technology of the day.

DRC can produce high quality digitally generated microfilm directly from scanned document images. Our digitally generated microfilm service enables clients to back-up their digital records on archival ISO certified microfilm, minimizing risk and preserving their valuable business records.

Creating a vaulted copy of archive reference media provides the highest measure of assurance that hi-fidelity content is available in the future. While digital image file copies can be theoretically migrated from electronic medium to electronic medium, and from format to format, the impact such translations using existing file formats have impacted image fidelity and “authenticity”. Others are yet to be determined.