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Products / Digital Preservation & Repurposing

Online Access to Microfilm and Microfiche Reference Archives

Scan legacy microfilm reference archives all at one time or on-demand to create digital images for delivery to customer networks or ECM platforms, leveraging DRC’s high volume microfilm and microfiche conversion infrastructure.

DRC delivers high quality images and on-line access to images from microfilm and microfiche leveraging DRC’s On-line Microfilm Request Portal and leading edge microfilm scanning technology.



High Fidelity Images with Film Writing Technology

A Reference Archive system accepts data and digital images from multiple host systems as digital document images. It renders these images as unalterable, archival, human-readable images, preserving the content and structure of the original record. The resulting analog record may be re-digitized and served back to any system on-demand to provide immediate validation, permanent legal evidence and a foundation for deep disaster recovery.

The i9600 Series of Film Writers from Eastman Park Micrographics provides a fool-proof storage architecture for vital content subject to stringent regulatory and long term storage requirements. Film Writing technology from EPM generates high fidelity images in human readable format for vaulting, protecting the authenticity and integrity of content for upwards of 500 years.


Eliminate Inefficient Traditional Microfilm Retrieval

DV Film and Fiche Reader Scanners from Eastman Park Micrographics combined with PowerFilm Software eliminates the inefficient aspects of traditional microfilm retrieval -- including slow, tedious viewing or limited output and delivery options.

Microfilm and microfiche images can be quickly and easily retrieved and scanned to create documents in TIF and PDF format for delivery to network printers, drives and ECM systems. You'll have exceptionally high-quality images that are de-skewed, cropped, merged (duplexed), and displayed in seconds.