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Application Solutions / Customer Service


As meaningful differences between products and services continue to diminish or leap frog one another, companies must rely increasingly on their level of service and responsiveness to entrench customer loyalty.


Businesses Must Raise the Bar on the Level of Customer Service

  • Need to respond to customers in a single phone call with all relevant information in a format the customer understands
  • Eliminate redundant filing infrastructures that serve departmental requirements only leading to duplicate processes and increasing the risk of error
  • Reduce write-offs and short payments in B2B environments by offering rapid dispute resolution and validation of service delivery before closing the books at the end of the month


DRC Delivers Superior Customer Service and Efficiency

  • Scan and digitize paper based contracts, purchase orders and invoices by scanning and indexing paper files into digital format linking them with in-house legacy and ERP systems
  • Automatically store electronically created invoices directly into a secure document management solution using DRC-ifile solution eliminating the need to re-print and re-scan invoices
  • Provide immediate (7X24) access to invoices and related documents using the DRC-ifile turnkey solution for Customer Service
  • Destroy massive volumes of paper based records by backing up digitally scanned documents using DRC Digital Preservation solution for secure and legally compliant archiving of documents


DRC Will Give You A Strategic Competitive Advantage

For all customer focused organizations

  • Superior responsiveness and customer service
  • Integration of structured data (your corporate systems) and unstructured content (your documents)
  • Reduced write-offs from short payments and increase cash flow
  • Elimination of redundancy, waste and error created by disparate multiple filing systems