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Application Solutions / Compliance


In the wake of corporate scandals throughout North America, companies must demonstrate their full control of business operations and financial reporting to regulators and the public.


Challenges for Demonstration of Effective Management and Critical Process Control

Publicly traded companies face significant challenges due to the Sarbanes Oxley and related legislation

  • Provide effective document and records management infrastructure to ensure protection and safety of corporate and client information
  • Archive “point in time” reports and records to provide an accurate summary of transaction details
  • Make available complete information regarding records and document access requested for auditing purposes


DRC Ensures Fidelity, Accuracy and Accountability

  • Convert paper based files supporting financial transactions into digital format using DRC’s scanning and indexing services
  • Automatically distribute and archive key financial data and reports through DRC’s ERM/COLD solution linked with relevant documents and records
  • Report on complete document access history to support audit requests using the DRC-ifile solution or turnkey imaging and compliance solution from DRC


DRC Will Give You A Strategic Competitive Advantage

  • Reduced cost of meeting compliance obligations
  • Reduced financial risk, reputational harm and cost of financial penalties
  • Lower cost of auditing and research with immediate access to financial reports and supporting information